The Inventives

Each episode of “The Inventives” features influential individual(s) behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to: fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. Viewers are treated to how these people build their business, their philosophies, views and goals, and also the struggles and challenges they are facing along the road of entrepreneurship.


Cut And Rescue

Capital City Collage

cover burgreens web


Veggie burgers and social entrepreneurship

cover QUBTV sari no logo

#SELFIE: Sari Sartje

Singer, artist, cyclist, skater, city girl; the many sides of Aprilia Apsari.

cover QUBTV sally emily no logo

#SELFIE: Sally Ann & Emily May

A peek inside Sally & Emily's creative vision

cover QUBTV tontey no logo

#SELFIE: Natasha Gabriella Tontey

Inside the quirky and wonderful world of Tontey.

cover QUBTV gen90 no logo

Generasi 90an (Marchella FP)

Exploring the 90's through millennial's perspective.

cover QUBTV the taable

The Taable

The next generation of art directors

cover QUBTV anita no logo

Anitha Silvia

Dig deeper in Surabaya with Anitha Silvia

cover QUBTV alek no logo

Alek Kowalski

The one man you need to know in Surabaya.

cover QUBTV kamengski no logo


Culture jamming with the pop culture rascal.

cover QUBTV rhoald no logo

Rhoald Marcellius (Comics Series)

Rhoald Marcellius shows us how to be an artist and professional at the same time.

cover QUBTV komikazer no logo

Komikazer (Comics Series)

Komikazer wants you to call him an artist, not a comic artist!

cover QUBTV caravan no logo

Caravan Studio (Comics Series)

The first episode of our Comics Series

cover QUBTV gagaswara no logo


The mastermind behind the famous Volans 2.0

cover QUBTV pater no logo

Pater Adolf Heuken

Meet the priest who knows more about Jakarta than you.

cover QUBTV pras no logo

Pras The Bandit

Pras, your stylish bandit.

cover QUBTV yosse no logo

Yarsep Hanedi (Yosse)

Meet the creative behind Adidas sneakers.

cover QUBTV aye denim no logo

Aye Denim (Game Changer Series)

Connecting conspiracy theory and denim with Aye Denim.

cover QUBTV dendy unkl no logo

UNKL347 (Game Changers Series)

Talking about new generation and local industry with the man behind UNKL347.

cover QUBTV 16denim no logo

Sixteen Denim Scale (Game Changers Series)

Modern denim with traditional recipes.

cover QUBTV chiel no logo

Chiel Shoes (Game Changers Series)

Uniquely applicable style with Chiel.

cover QUBTV sub store no logo


Meet the duo behind small music shop that triggered the booming creative scene at Pasar Santa

cover QUBTV tromarama no logo

Tromarama (State of the Art Series)

A look at everyday objects & life forms with Tromarama.

cover QUBTV yellow dino no logo

Yellow Dino (State of The Art Series)

A talk about art and city with The Yellow Dino.

cover QUBTV indieguerillas no logo

Indieguerillas (State of The Art Series)

Combining traditional value and pop culture with Indieguerillas.

cover QUBTV lukman no logo

Lukman Gunawan (The Tastebud Series)

Last episode of our "Tastebud Series" with the man behind Open Table.

cover QUBTV bear n co

Bear & Co. (The Tastebud Series)

Rides across the city spreading the love of coffee with Bear & Co.

cover QUBTV food truck no logo

Jakarta Food Truck (The Tastebud Series)

Galih Gumilang of Jakarta Food Truck takes us on a culinary ride while he shares his view about local food culture.

cover QUBTV anton ismael no logo

Anton Ismael

Find out more about Anton Ismael and his opinions about the most important thing in photography that photographers often forget also how he reacts on plagiarism.

cover QUBTV gladys no logo

Gladys Angelina

The up-and-coming designer, Gladys Angelina, talks about her design philosophy.

cover QUBTV pak raden no logo

Pak Raden

The legendary all-around artist shares his opinion about art and kids education in Indonesia.

cover QUBTV pcky no logo


We met Firman Wedianto, the man behind leather goods brand, PCKY.

cover QUBTV taco local no logo

Taco Local

Sebastian Subakti, the chef & proprietor of Taco Local, a small Mexican restaurant that hailed by many as the place to go in Jakarta for tasty tacos with laid back atmosphere.