Off Culture

On each episode we ask our friend (or our crew) to choose a simple topic, hit the street and discuss it with random strangers. Watch how people define urban culture with their own ideas and quirks.

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3 Young Jakartans Talks About Their “Jakarta Bombing” Experience

If it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together….(or is it?)

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Indo Star Trek

Our continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds continues. Live long and prosper, every body.

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Barito Pet Market (part 3)

We talks to a guy who's a rat + snake dealer, rat breeder and gibbon hunter at the same time.

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Barito Pet Market (part 2)

See our impressive discovery at Barito Pet Market this time, including how these animals turn and change their habit into human being.

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Barito Pet Market (part 1)

Hi, can I offer you one tough, scaly crocodile for your house?

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Andre, The Weapon Seller

Meet Andre, the weapon seller. Watch him share his interesting collections in our first Off Culture episode.