Good Vibrations

“Good Vibrations” is a curated live music show. We do collaboration with gig organizer to choose the performance and film them in front live audience. We realized that nowadays there are so many artists with great live performance that haven’t been documented well, with this show we want to archiving all those dazzling performances and share with as many people as possible.



Frau brings her simple, majestic performance to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

cover QUBTV PMR no logo

Pengantar Minum Racun (QUBTV x RRREC FEST 2015)

The legendary Pengantar Minum Racun.

cover QUBTV tenniscoat no logo

Tenniscoats (QUBTV X RRRECFEST 2015)

An almost magical experience.


The Sastro

The progressive boys.

cover QUBTV goodnight no logo

Goodnight Electric

Goodnight Electric are Solid Gold.

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The Upstairs

How often do you see a classic band act that can have a charisma until 10 years?

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Febby Lawrence!

cover QUBTV fable no logo


Together again after 10 years!

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Club 80s

Naughty evening with the 80's boys


Tropical Thurst

Singing Hampakata live at Tokove


Distant East

90's vibe at Tokove



Passion for Pacific at Tokove

marsh kids

Marsh Kids

Singing Inclination live at Tokove


Watch this rare beautiful set of full cover versions of White Shoes and the Couples Company featuring Pak Raden in his exhibition, “NOIR ET BLANC” opening at Bentara Budaya Jakarta last year. What a heartwarming duet!

cover QUBTV cek ombak no logo

Cek Ombak

2 MCs+1 DJ= Dangerously danceable tunes.

cover QUBTV marcel thee no logo

Marcel Thee

Solo materials from the man behind Sajama Cut, Roman Catholic Skulls and Strange Mountains.

cover QUBTV young de brock no logo


We only have one word to describe their live performance: electrifying.

cover QUBTV 70s orgasm no logo


The grooviest live act in Indonesia right now, offers funk & blues with rock and roll sensibility.

cover QUBTV titotessa no logo


Their songs, heavily influenced by folk music, showcase compositional abilities that almost feels like poetry.